I Was Going Into Space And No One Cared

I was at a gathering almost like a party. I have no idea where, it was sort of an enigma place. But everyone I had ever known was there.

I was hanging out, and then these people, who I've never met before but in the dream I acted like I knew them for some program, came up and we greeted each other. Then they let me know that I had been selected for the space science program and was going up into space this night. I was happy to I had been chosen, and thanked the two men graciously. They then added ethusiastically that I was going to be gone for 18 years alone. I just nodded in response with a fake joyful expression, but that sort of killed my happiness buzz, realizing I'd be totally alone.

I then went and told my parents this big news, but they just said the, "I love you. That "I love you" means "Go away/Shut up/I'm Busy"

So, I then went and tried to talk to everyone else, explaining that I won't be seeing them again for 18 years. But they all ignored me as well. And didn't care. No one cared. I was about ready to scream, "I WON'T BE BACK FOR 18 YEARS! DON'T YOU CARE?" But I realized that it didn't matter, so I walked away to the edge of the gathering.

Soon, I was very sadden by this. And I realized no one cared about me, or the fact I wouldn't see them. No one cared that I was going in the abyss and no one ever will.

I then entered space alone.

I woke up. This dream made me realize how pathetic and alone I really am.
DaringTheDawn DaringTheDawn
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013