Alternate Retakes (a Short Dream)

this dream was really strange cause the first half was like alternate scenes it took place at the same area which was a 2 story house and involving the same woman about my age, In the first part I was in a bed in her room sleeping till I woke up and saw her blonde hair and green eyes (like gems), she pushed up her glasses and kissed me on the lips softly, I felt a warm bond.In the alternative I was running from her and a few others and hid (laying down) behind the house near a backdoor using a black & white tarp I saw her once more she was about to kiss me, an I said sternly "No." later on in a flash I was seeing myself registering a password in an unknown store loaded with vending machines . I input a 9 digit password into a container and it told me to resubmit it again cause of an error. Of course I got pissed off about it and went and got a new password and it still didnt work for about 8 retries
XNGespenst XNGespenst
26-30, M
Jan 6, 2013