My Bug Dream

(Dream interpreters, please comment)

I had a dream that I was raising a bug. Im not sure what kind of bug it was, but my mom was with me in the kitchen while I was looking after the bug. Then all of a sudden the bug fell in the garbage and I got scared because I thought I would lose it and It would die. I told my mom it fell and she opened the garbage and said look its right there. The bug looked dead, but then I saw little tiny bugs crawling. My mom told me that it had babies.
Then, I tried to collect all the baby bugs and killed one by accident.
I can't remember what happened next, but I remember that there was a whole bunch of bugs and mini animals on the floor that were very bright and very colorful. I remember seeing a mini frog and awing at it but then i saw a giant yellow rat with big black eyes sticking out. All of a sudden the bugs and animals got still and I was afraid that they died. I don't like dead bugs and animals so I walked away.. and that's the ending of them dream.

toyabofi toyabofi
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013