My Oddest Dream Thus Far

I was looking for someone with a friend in an amusement park like area. It was dark and there was only a little light (so probably twilight) every time I'd go into the room the person was taken and my friend and I would search we would hear her scream and when we'd run out of the room a shadow was stealing her away and she would scream something to us every time (I think it was where she was being taken next) but when I ran after her the last time, I just didn't see the point, I felt like the shadow was stealing her because of I ran to the cliff and jumped.  When I jumped I turned into a wolf.  I tumbled down the slope and when I'd come across something that would have killed me, I kicked off of the ground and avoided it, but I'd continue to tumble.  Then I blacked out.  My vision came to a male wolf, a pup, a lioness and her cub.  The wolf and the pup howled in grief.  That's when I knew the wolf was my mate and the pup was my own.  When I saw the lion cub I noticed a purple mark around their eye which is the same mark I draw on my wolf.  It was odd, and I haven't had a dream like that since :/
DarkCelestriaRose DarkCelestriaRose
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013