Alien Invasion

had this strange scarey dream last night thats been on my mind all day,
i live in a village , it was early evening the sky went dark and this huge huge sqaure shaped object appeared in the sky it had hundreds of windows like a huge hotel, was just hovering for hours, everyone was watching it and wondering what was going to happen, all of a sudden it went off at hight speed everyone was so relieved but still felt panicky, i had somehow lost my kids who are now adults, but in my dream they were young, i couldnt find them, all of a sudden this huge object was back and just hovering, next minute all the power went in the village, i panicked i knew that everyone would start panic buying and i kept shouting must get bottled water .
my works office rang me and said (funny really mobiles were working)and they said ive got to go to work wether i like it or not.
i refused cos i couldnt find my kids anywhere,then i woke up and this dream has haunted me all day.
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Jan 8, 2013