My Dreams

i know it sounds crazy.. but it always happen every month of January. The days before my birthday. At first, i thought, "Ok, it's just a dream and it means nothing..." until my dreams happen, not just the usual deja vu, but sometimes.. the same vivid things that happen in my lucid dream..

and there is this one dream that scares me a lot. I was walking on the street where i always play with my friends as a kid. and then suddenly, the place becomes dark, like there's a black out and lights shutting off everywhere. i'm with my best friend so i felt the relief even thought im sick worried for my family. Where's my Father? My Mom? My brothers? i walked with my best friend, Sharon, and when we turn, we saw a carnival. an all white painted carnival where all rides are moving but there's absolutely no people around..

i don't know but i felt scared and we ran away from there and go back to our street.. like on the carnival, all the people are gone... and then, there's this shadow that's chasing us so we ran away again. But as i make another step, i can feel myself slowing, like my legs can't move even if i wanted to run faster. Sharon and I made another turn and we saw this tree, a huge tree beside a low cliff with huge and very muddy roots. I acted on instinct to climb up, but each time i climb up higher, the faces of my neighbors and friends, faces of people I know suddenly appear in the mud. Their body is floating like they drowned, some of them are still alive and they joined me on climbing the tree..

Before i took my last step to the top, i looked down and saw the faces of the people who were left and died..

and last year, the people i saw in my dreams, did die on reality. One of my best friends passed away in brutal way on October 29, 2011. Then Sharon's uncle. and December 23, 2011, a woman who used to be a friend of mine when i was a kid..

and just last week, i dreamed of it again.. i'm so scared! i don't know what to do!
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Jan 8, 2013