Assassin's Fail

Okay so it starts out with me on a mission. i was some sort of spy or assassin. my master told me to stay out of an area and just to watch it from afar. so i did as he said but some one caught me and they came running after me as i climbed from building to building. then i jumped to the ground and ran into one of the buildings. it was like a sears building where they had tools in the front. some of which happened to be an ax. so i grabbed one right as the owner walked in holding an ax and trying to sell stuff. Then he said that he didn't understand why no one was buying his stuff while he was waving his ax. i would have said something to him but my pursuers were still on my tail. i hid behind the corner hoping to catch them off guard and maybe get a swing at their feet. For some reason i drop the ax as the came closer i couldn't get myself to hurt them for my own safety so i started to run. Before i knew it my shoulder got hit with a bullet. i was on the ground for a moment and i could feel the pain, real pain. i looked for the bullet on the floor to see if it exited my body and i soon found it and ran. i hid for the longest time holding my shoulder and trying to stop the bleeding. i was trapped. the mission had failed whatever information i was suppose to get i couldn't get it. The two men that were after me took me to a place and locked me in a house that almost looked like my grandma's house but brighter and the rooms were a bit different. I stayed in there with my aching shoulder until i finally woke up.
Quinn1313 Quinn1313
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013