I had a dream a while back about a bear that kidnapped me, then we were found by a flaming T-Rex, I escaped, & the bear & T-Rex took over my town and put a ransom on my head, all my friends betrayed me & I had to jump off of a moving train to escape them, but they were relentless, an old friend came to save me & gave me a new identity as his cousin... I think we fell in love... anyway I was eventually found out & we escaped by roller-blading through a pool. sadly I had to leave the friend that had helped me in order to keep his family safe...then I woke up.. Strange right?
BlackDaisee BlackDaisee
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Ha-Haah, it's finally in writing! Now to steal it & write a famous novel series . . .

Haha good luck with that, I didn't give out all the details.

Awwww, foul play . . . Haha.