Defecation Dream

I dreamed that I pooped all over the floor in my house. Then I felt embarrassed. A lot of websites said that it has to do with some kind of emotional release of anger, fear, etc. Very weird! I did have a fight with my husband last night. Maybe I felt like he was treating me like ****.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

it might be with you. I will say all dreams are mostly about you the soul is trying to communicate with you. Try to see the dream very literal . What poop means for you? and your house; could be your body? your sacred place? anything that belongs to you. This is my perspective and mine only (Only you can truly know what it means) I will say that your are doing something that is damaging you> like fro example stop screwing (sabotaging) your own home(closed circle, body, etc.) because at the end you are the one is going to be embarrassed or affected. Like I said this is my understanding from what you wrote. Hope I help.