Alice In Wonderland Dream

I have these occasionally, usually she just walks in, says hello and departs or some other 'minor triviality'. Most dreams i have contain neither plot nor structure nor 'theme', but are random assemblies of the weeks events with some old memories thrown in and to be honest, little ever happens.

In one dream (in my last university year), after a long period of the usual 'random rubbish', the dream 'morphed' into one where I had to rescue the afforementioned Alice from this 'thing' - a not quite human entity that bore with it an aura of malevolence and what can only be described as perversity.

As the situation unfolded, I became aware that it was Alice where before I had not known the identity of what I was rescuing. Set inside this odd, huge abandoned manorhouse, she and her abductor would only ever appear in the far distance, say at the end of a long corridor. Alice was animated (i.e. like the disney cartoon, which I often watched as a child), yet fitted in perfectly with everything else which was 'real'.

I only ever got fleeting glimpses of abductor & Alice, such as dissapearing up stairs around a corner, and the latter was bound hand and foot and being dragged either by her hair or a rope about her neck. A chase up the stairs would just end in more corridors, blank walls or locked doors and I'd have to find another route round.

At some stage (a part I remember only in 'swirling fragments') a battle ensued as I cornered them - the thing trying to, well, molest her. The battle ended with me losing and the chase beginning again as he dragged her through a hatch and vanished, me screaming out to Alice. The end of the dream never occurred as I was woken by my alarm clock, but it left me worried all day about what was going to happen to Alice! (No reasoning the Alice is fictional, and secondly, it was just a dream could stop a sense of concern.)

Another dream as a child involed Alice is a (less sexual, but possibly more terrifying) predicament. I'll type that out later. :)

ekhmuel ekhmuel
31-35, M
Jan 13, 2013