A Disturbing (?) Dream

I've been having strange dreams lately but last night I had a dream that stuck with me all day today and has been on mind....it was kind of disturbing.

In my dream, we knew that the world was about to end...we all knew that the nuclear bombs had already been dropped and it was just a matter of time before every person in the world would be dead. I didn't have to worry about my son because he had told me he wanted to spend the last of his time alive, with his fiance and I understood. I took my daughter and our dog and cat, grabbed my purse and we left for a large building..it was like a big college or auditorium or something along those lines, with lots of smaller rooms and big gymnasium with alot of seats around it.

The rest of the dream is a little hazy and spotty....I wanted a cigarette but thought I had lost them out of my purse but later at some point, I went into my purse and found them. All communications with anyone outside of this building stopped, we couldn't contact anyone and it was at that point that I really wanted to talk to my son, who was, of course, with his fiance and her family. There is something about all the seats that I can't quite remember as well but it's very fuzzy. At one point I went to a bed and saw our dog and cuddled with it and there was an office or desk and a computer but of course the computer wouldn't work. We could look out the window and could see the world ending......which actually was only a feeling but the feeling could be seen (if that makes any sense). And even now, recounting the dream on here, I can feel the same feelings I felt in the dream, safe but....not exactly sure, maybe alone or depressed but knowing I was where I should be.

Any takers on this one as to what this dream could possibly mean or what could have brought a dream like this on?

Sellry Sellry
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5 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Follow the feelings. You were safe, but alone and depressed. The world had ended, did that offer any feeling about what would come next?

Nothing that I recall. I just remember what I mentioned in the dream and what I felt was quite vivid. Don't mind me, I do tend to dream alot but sometimes very strange dreams!

I can't say much about it. But you think that's bad? Check out my nightmare story on my experience stories.

It sounds like something bad happened in your real life of you at least thought it was pretty upsetting enough to think it was the end of something in your life. Maybe I'm way off. I get crazy dreams like that when something bad is going on.

Hmm...nothing that I can remember at all, nothing at all really. I am thinking though that it's to do with my kids growing up, things changing, and the kids moving on.....son just got engaged, daughter is starting into college in August.....also the dog who we've had for 11 or 12 years now is starting to have health problems......maybe it's just all to do with all of that. Or maybe nothing at all....just a random dream about nothing in particular. LOL

Sometimes it just is what it is. I stopped trying to figure out some dreams a long time ago. Others I know why I had them. I need more sex dreams. LOL

I don't know where dreams come from but the parallel universe thing kinda makes sense. Do you ever get the feeling after you've made a mistake or done something stupid that a part of you actually had that accident or incident? Sounds kinda lame doesn't it.... maybe not...

Actually yes, that does kinda make sense. Thanks for the thoughts!

something to do with your son is bothering you, maybe you feel like you should talk to him more? idk..

You could be onto something there. He is just recently engaged to a wonderful girl, though her family is very much family orientated and seems to be very set in their ways about traditions etc., when it comes to how the kids should be married, though we haven't had any talks with her parents about it all or anything. And although I'm happy he's grown and about to start into his own life, it does kind of sadden me too that he is all grown up and not my little guy anymore. Interesting....that all does kind of makes sense as far as the dream goes. Thanks!