Strange And Disturbing...

Okay so I had this dream that my earphones where connected to my ipad but I wasn't listening to any music. (I often forget to actually put music on after I have my earphones in). Anyway I was playing games and stuff when the earphones start to crackle like an old radio when you change stations. Suddenly I get a feeling of dread and like somebody is watching me, even though no one is. The earphones continue to make this sound and it almost sounds like someone is whispering through the statins noice but I couldn't make out what the words were. So I ripped the earphones out of my ears but the noise was just as loud. And when I closed my eyes I could just see clay formed into upper human bodies.
Then I started uncontrollably screaming and woke up. This is really strange, anyone have ideas of what it could be about?
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 15, 2013