Baby Dream

wonder if anyone can interperet my dream of holding this gorgeous baby and taxiing around trying desperately to find some baby formula . and i remember thinking i need it as i have no breast milk. No one was interested to help me in the shops. then although the baby was happy, it vomited slightly. also i went to an atm machine and the machine wrestled with my card and swalowed it up.
connei connei
56-60, F
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Nope, if anyone can put any interpretation to this dream it is you. What you could do is talk to someone who you trust and tell them, what you feel and thin of each part of your dream. You may come close to what this dream means to you. Dreams are made up from life experiences and the "knowing" mind. It is a fabrication that helps you to work out issues and may be give you some reference to what your emotions are about. They my be pieces of the past of form a base for what you may head for.
As I don't know your circumstances and life and I would go as far as to say nobody but you know it best. So please have a go at it with safe and trustful support.