Weired Dreams

Dreams are made up from life experiences and the "knowing" mind. It is a fabrication that helps you to work out issues and may give you some reference to what your emotions are about. They my be pieces of the past or form a base for what you may head for.

I have dreams that make me feel all confused and emotional drained. They are such hard work.

I keep recording my dreams and often I try to discuss those which are most relevant to me with professional support or with a close friend, my hubby or my mum.

I think weird dreams occur to me, because I have a vivid visual imagination.
So this can be a blessing.

But so many of my dreams feel so real and it is a real constraint.

I think I'd like for people to contact me and exchange dreams and support with each others' interpretation. Because I believe only oneself can put some interpretation to one's dream, but talking and exploring it certainly helps a great deal to make more sense of one's dream.

So hear I am I probably share some not so private dreams, but I do prefer to keep such discussion through posting messages.

Thanks for this group.

Likewhatido Likewhatido
36-40, F
Jan 17, 2013