Just A Couple: Jim Carrey & People Soup

So I had this dream a few years ago, but it's always stuck with me. I dreamt that I was dating Jim Carrey, but Jim Carrey turned out to be gay. (Who would have guessed?)

Instead of breaking up with me, He knocked me out and preformed a BRAIN TRANSPLANT (all by himself) and put MY brain in a man's body. The whole thing was super gory, like watching saw. And I was awake for the brain transplant, even though he had knocked me out to get it started.

When he finished I was very upset, seeing as I was covered in blood and happened to like being a girl. So we fought horror movie style for a while and eventually I forced him to put my brain back in my own body. (don't ask me how that worked). But yet again, it was another saw type gory scene where he cut open the top of my head and brain-switched me.

After which, we both turned eighty. Then he started chasing me around on a mountain trying to kill me, and I managed to crawl away and disguise myself as a river (Yes, a river. I had to make water noises to fool him) and it worked, and I was able to escape his evil clutches.

Then I have this one reoccurring dream where I work at a homeless cannibal’s soup kitchen, cutting up dead people and feeding them to the cannibals.

And I really hate working there, because I don't like cutting up dead people and cooking them. And, you know, I don't like cannibals. So I'm like, "Heeey, cannibals. Please stop eating these dead people." And they're just like, "Pffft, it's okay. They're already dead."

And then I go into the kitchen and cry for a while, covered in the blood of the people I've shredded for the soup.
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disguising as river.sounds like a good idea . i will try it next time.

Jim Carrey played a gay man in the movie "I Love You Phillip Morris" so don't think your that crazy. I have had disturbing dreams that had gore and seedy situations that I haven't mentioned them to anyone. One of them involves me looking in the bathroom mirror peeling my face or pulling out all my teeth out. Gross dreams but I have also had many many good dreams that are excruciatingly happy. Keep a diary of your dreams so you can understand more of where these dreams come from. <br />
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"Nightmares of pure terror may be expressed in dreams of gory deaths and graveyard ghouls, and even cannibalism. The author Gustav Flaubert dreamt of a bloody **** on which he was the main dish, The typical prisoner nightmare, he could neither shout nor move."<br />
quote from site posted below<br />