Dream Within A Dream!

These are the weirdest dreams to have. I woke up today , got a glass of water, then went back to bed hoping to get to sleep.

I fell asleep, but didn't notice, and started dreaming about trying to get to sleep! about how things in my bedroom kept distracting me haha, for example I would go to my door, which was open, and find a jacket hooked on the outside, throw it off and try to close it again, but by then the jacket was already back on the back of the door... weird, and the same thing happened with my window, I would close it, look away for a split second and it would be open again!!! Any ideas what that could mean?

I then went on to have a dream in which i was in some city center dressed up as a hooker haha!

also my friend Tom was there and i kept showing him the 6 of clubs card..
when i woke up i was so confused!!

any ideas?
nicolewootten nicolewootten
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I think it's obvious what happened here, you performed inception somehow, I wish I could do that.