Time Share And Surfing With Cat In The Hat

i had a dream that me and family had a time share 4 an apartment in miami with cat in the hat and the land lord 4 that apartment was winnie the poo and u pay ur rent in honey in stead of money..in my dream winnie the poo made a mistake when he was typing the contract so wwe ended up there at the same time as cat in the hat and then that cat tought me how 2 surf and when we were surfing there were animated red and blue fish jumping out of the watr like in tht dr sues book and then we went 2 the wraskle house..in real life its a deli but in my dream it was a huge white room full of 1 foot tall blue people that say meeeeeeep in a really high pitch voice and climb wallls with threre suction cup hands and feet and people run around hitting them with poop really soft foam hammers
margret16 margret16
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013