A Very Weird Dream

I've always had weird dreams, but this is by far one of the STRANGEST. I had this dream about three times when i was like 8 or 9 years old...and I'm not too sure what it means. If you'd like to try and interpret it, by all means please do (this dream has confused me for years)!!

So it's just a normal day at the beach, I got my shovel and bucket, and my mom says that it's ok for me to go do whatever. So I leave and start digging in the sand, suddenly, I find the prettiest little pastel shapes (like baby pink colored stars with rounded tips, light blue spheres, etc). I collect them all in my bucket and head back to show my mom, on my way back, I see this creepy lady all dressed in all black clothes and a black lace veil, and she is inside a little kiosk...on the beach. She asks me to go to her and so I do (who the heck knows why, but hey that's what I did).

Anyway, her booth was black&gold on the outside and a dark crimson red on the inside. she was selling random stuff, such as necklaces, charms, etc, but in the back of her small stand, I saw the same little pastel shapes. The lady then demanded that I give her the shapes that I found, or else she would turn me into a restaurant........that's right, a restaurant!!!! so then in the dream I got really scared, so I ran away, but the lady grabbed some of her pastel shapes and started throwing them at me. she kept missing though, and whatever she hit with them, well it would just poof right into a giant restaurant!! I remember that she hit a shell, a crab, and even something in the water, and yup, up sprang a brand spankin' new restaurant in their place (which kind of resembled Wendy's).

Anywho, being the smart little kid that I was, I saw a hotel and ran inside as quickly as I could. I then figured out that I could fly, but only if I was laying stomach side down, on top of a flight of stairs, and I could only go about 6 inches above the stairs (basically, I could fly, but it had really lame rules, but at the time in the dream it was kinda cool). So, I flew down a flight of stairs into this beautiful grand room of some sorts. It's a big circular room with green and black marble floors, there's giant white pillars, and waterfalls surrounding the marble instead of walls. There is a huge gospel chorus towards the back of the room, and after I flew down the staircase, I walked over and sang with them....the end.
bespeckledbunny bespeckledbunny
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013