Strange Re-occuring Dreams

Okay, so I've had the same type of dream for well over a week now.

Last year, my Grandad lost his battle to Cancer, and a close friend committed suicide. I started getting these dreams over a week ago. Basically, I'm with people, and I discover their bodies as if someone has dug them up from their graves and I had to go and re-bury them in my dreams. It sounds like I'm crazy, but I dunno what they could mean (if they even mean anything). Can anyone give me an insight on this? It would be appreciated, with many thinks.

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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

The graves may represent the past or that which has been left behind. Death is a transition to a higher plane of consciousness. It must come to the mind and spirit in order to release the higher self. Death refers to an old state of mind that must die.

I don't know much about this because I'm quite young but it probably means you are upset about these deaths and your semi conscious mind is showing this through your sleep.