White Shores And Beyond, A Far Greener World With A Swift Sunrise

I am accustomed to weird dreams, but this one left me thinking for a good few days afterwards. it starts in rennaisance Europe and there seems to be an argument between Germany Poland and Serbia about Macedonian rule ove Greece as well as some building there And trade into the Mediterranean, for some reason i was there in this debate and it was getting worse despite my best efforts to keep it peaceful, and I'm sure a war was about to begin, furious with the other nations I looked south to have one.last inspection but somehow I found myself going to Italy to the former papal states. there was a huge building, magnificent yet fitting, made if glass and with an oak frame. I went to it due to.mere.curiosity and there was no door yet somehow I got in, I found myself in a room facing south, there was a classically in front of me with a door yet I could not.see where It went, to.my right was a solid oak wall, which continued around me behind and to my left, in the wall behind me was a doorway, and to my left was steps leading to another doorway, in front of me was a.fountain made of white marble and in each corner were banners with plain white and golden edges, above me was a balcony following the oak wall, there was a doorway in the wall behind me up there too, I went left up the short flight of stairs and found myself in a room if green, with white horses on green banners and wooden walls and carved arches, the're were books all about this one nation who i don't recognise, I carried on and the next room was a great hall, with towering pillars carved in a similar fashion to the previous room, however it was not green but yellow, also there was a great hearth in the centre. I think there was a throne on the wall opposite and I went through a.Door to the left of it, this continued going through all rooms about ancient races until I got to the end room, same as the first room except I was on a balcony overlooking it, I turned back and went back through all the rooms, however I went up to the balcony when i got in the first room and I went through the door, there wad a great library with many doors And in every door was another library just like the one I had just been in. there were millions if books, now I don't know what it was about this building but there was a great peace, I was completely relaxed and oblivious to the world, the building itself seemed to defy the laws of physics, with the size and shape, also with the rooms being so out of shape yet so fitting. it was peaceful but not human enough, I'm not religious but if there is a heaven then this place seems to fit the bill, also something i noticed was there was no weather, the world had peeled away the grey cover an revealed its true self. can anyone explain what this is about or what I'm seeing? can anyone relate to it? thank you.
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It's amazing you can remember all of this I can't remember much of my dreams