Work Dream 1 2013

Last night I had a "work dream", meaning I dreamt about people I work with. Even though I know it is a dream, I still feel self-conscious in the dream sometimes, until I figure out that it is a dream. In this particular one there was one of the secretaries that, most probably wouldn't bat an eyelash at now, but I imagine in her youth she was probably pretty cute. Anyway, she is short, has a few extra pounds, is still single, a little excitable, tends to speak rapidly but is a sweet woman. And, personally, the thing that gets me the most is that she quite frequently wears brown heels of various styles. Ankle boots, classic lower heels ( since women are not supposed to wear high heels, but some of the younger ones do) Anyway, she was in the dream. There were others, but she is the one I remember. We were on a set of stairs at 'work' and I sat down on the stairs, she was already sitting, in her heels and other normal clothes, and I scooted down so that I was sitting below her. I then took her legs and then lifted them up so that they were resting in my lap, where I held her ankles and calves gently. It was like that for a few minutes, she didn't resist, and then I woke up.

Now the odd thing about my dreams where I dream about women I know, is that for about a day or two after the dream, I have ghost feelings for that person. Eventually they fade, but until they do, it's like for that time I want to be closer to them. Odd, I know.
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Maybe she's your type of gal? Since you paid enough attention to her style of shoes and such, you have taken some mental interest in her.

She's a bit older and well, not my speed now, but maybe in another lifetime. Who knows. I think I was just horny and my mind reacted in the dream. LOL