It was on a 'party' at someone's house en everybody didn't cared about everything except from them . But only 1 boy go's pakking stuf in a backpack . I didn't now wat was going on I was charmed by his beauty and follows him . He went to a big pool en Der was a little girl , she feld in the water and was drowning in the ice cold water . and because of 1 or the other reason he had a rope and a fleese in his backpack .he bond the rope on the bridge and he jumpy to the girl he get her out of the water and give's her the fleece . She was immediately warm . He saw me but didn't cared . He went back to the party and he reade. A ***** . Then it al starts again but tis time I was going to help him . I runt after him and he stopt at a stable . He has 3 min. For getting out the mud a jellow stone moon . I helpt and we where ride on time . he stop.it in his backpack . Then he didn'. Went back to the party but he went to the mountains where he kissed me and we wore followd by a motor . And the hols became a dessert ...
emelien16 emelien16
Jan 21, 2013