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Have You Ever Dreamed Of Being In School In Only Your Underwear

I used to always dream and find myself at my desk in only my underwear. Yet know one really notices you.

Then there was this time I dreamed I was naked in my car driving through town. When I woke up, I showered and dressed.I found a ticket by my wallet for a court appearance for charges of indecent exposer. Hmmm ..I need to stay away from $2 Margaritas? ;-)
angiecan angiecan 51-55, T 6 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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I did go to school in panties, bra and nylons everyday from 10 yrs till graduated. My sister had me wear girls slacks and tops that looked like boys but were not.

My version of that dream is always about my secret vice of crossdressing. I'll dream that we have unexpected visitors and they just walk right into the bedroom or my office before I have time to change out of my dress or nightgown. In the dream I always try to position myself behind some furniture or something in the hopes that somehow they won't notice.

Sometimes I'll have the opposite dream, where I am with people who encourage me to wear a dress in front of them, but those "wish fulfillment" dreams aren't nearly as frequent as the anxiety dreams :-(

And I'm with Angie -- I'm too private a person, and do NOT like it when people see me in my underwear even when it's socially acceptable guy underwear. I always hate going to the Y to swim, knowing I'll have to change in front of a bunch of men... I either wait for a time when the locker room is empty and rush through the change, or go into a bathroom stall. As for seeing hairy, sweaty men in their underwear (or less!)... ecccccccch!

I'm with you, Ralph. The sight of hairy, sweaty men is less than enjoyable. I don't go to the fitness center anymore, so it's not an issue presently. In reality, I've narrowly escaped being outed by the UPS man, the meter reader and a JW. As I think I've shared with you, we live in a remote area of the mountains with 8 acres of land, so I have free run of the area dressed en femme. It's just those rare occasions when I'm reminded we aren't all that remote!

I had a variation of your dream the other night, Angie. I dreamed I was with a bunch of people I know when suddenly I became aware that I was standing there in panties. I thought to myself it would be okay because I could just tell them that it was a line of briefs for men in satin. Then I became aware that I was wearing this pair of VF panties I have that have lace side panels. I have no idea how the dream came out. Weird, huh? Hugs, the other Angie

Don't you wish you can guide these dreams into reality sometimes without any inhibitions...;-)

Well, I'm not sure I'd like to be in front of a bunch of people in my underwear! That is, unless they were in theirs too. The only time I've had that experience is in the locker room at the fitness club, and all I saw were tighty whities. Gross!

What I mean as a closeted crossdresser to be open in public in fem form with no one noticing or caring...;-)

That would be a wonderful thing! Where I work, we have a female who wants to be a male. She has short hair, dresses in men's clothing and acts like a guy. People think she's kind of weird, but she gets by with it. If I came to work in a nice skirt and blouse, no one would speak to me and I'd likely end up losing my job. This double standard can drive you batty!

I totally agree, there is a double standard..;-/

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This is really very common, just like the dream of walking in to take a test, unprepared.

A recurring nightmare to be somewhere important either naked or in just underwear.
Maximum embarrassment dreams all women have these dreams.

This made me smile.