Four Killing Dreams In A Row

No, not me killing someone. Someone trying to kill me.

All four of these dreams were in one night.

The first one was about the Hunger Games. I don't remember much else.

The second one was also about the Hunger Games. All of the kids in my homeroom class were the tributes. C--- was especially good at knifing people in the back, but C--- is a very nice and outgoing person normally, whom I completely trust. But at the end, it was C--- and me in the classroom, and C--- was trying to get me with their knife. I kept saying, "I don't want to die!" and someone (a Gamemaker?) replying that I had to. In this dream I was terribly scared throughout.

Third dream: I got on a bus for a short ride but the driver kept on going after I was supposed to get off. I asked if he planned to hurt me. Yes, of course. The driver went to a hotel. I shoved my cell phone into my waistband so that when the guy took my purse away (as I suspected he might) I would still have that. Entering the hotel, the bus driver went to a counter and I went to the elevator, where I found a woman (the elevator operator) and told her my situation. She kept me in the elevator and set up a dinner table (?????) where she, I and multiple other people began to eat something. While eating inside the elevator I felt very safe.

Fourth dream: I was an orphan with a large amount of siblings (also orphans, obviously), all much younger than I. A man we called our "uncle" (though he wasn't actually) took us to a gigantic house with corridors lined with doors, seemingly unending. After many twists and turns all the other children had found their rooms and I was the last to be led into mine. The man left and I somehow learned he wanted to kill us. I don't remember escaping except for a vague feeling of fear and newfound freedom (as if I had just escaped and was still running away).

Then I woke up.

How odd.
Nalativa Nalativa
13-15, F
Jan 21, 2013