3 Unrelated Nightmares In A Row!

Ok, so vividly I only remember one, but it was quite strange that I had 3 nightmares in the same night that had nothing to do with the other. Not only that, but the one I'm specifically writing about, was unlike any other nightmare I've ever had. Feedback and thoughts definitely welcome. Also because it was a dream parts kind of changed/ don't make sense, I'll tell it as best as I can.

So the scene starts, I'm walking with my boyfriend and a bunch of people from my high school-none of whom I've ever hung out with or talked to, but I did recognize them. We're walking because-from what I could figure out, it was a present tense apocolypse environment. Cars didn't work, but for some reason cell phones did I'll get to that in a second. Some evil had taken over (at one point the word 'Templars' popped in my head, but I think it was just a general evil), and we were walking through their heavily guarded 'territory' in the middle of the day. It was really nerve-wracking, but we made it through and into this forest/tree fort area.

We realize we can't stay there so half of us exit the tree fort thing. Then this one boy Mark, gets a call from another boy's father, saying that Mark is now in charge of the group and please honor his son. I heard that part of the converstation, but apparently it was also said the fort we were in was about to blow up (I think it was a mine). For some reason only 1 more person could leave. I was still in the fort, but was on my way out when he received the call. I turned around facing the people still in there and with tears streaming down my face, said that someone else should go. They said I should go because I was already half way out.

The minute I got out, I ducked an covered ( I didn't have enough time to run), and then it exploded. Because I was in the fetal position facing away from the fort, my back got all kinds of messed up from the flying wood. Weird things is I really felt the burning pain. It was super disorienting because I couldn't hear anything because of the explosion, and I was really sad about those people who died...

Sadly I wish there was more to this story, but that's when I woke up, stilldisoriented from the dream.
meeeshell meeeshell
22-25, F
Jan 21, 2013