Exorcism Dream?! But I'm An Atheist...

So, I just woke up from the weirdest dream. It had no real significance to me in the real world, especially considering how non-religious and non-spiritual I am. (This is a subject I want to be left alone! I am not looking for a new religion. Any other comments are welcome. Thank you.)

Anyway, down the rabbit hole we go...
My surroundings consist of a bright white hospital room that is very well lit. I am sitting on the bedside of a young woman I can tell I care deeply about because I can barely hold back tears for the situation she's in. I am here today to toss some holy water at her and mumble a couple phrases in hopes of compelling the demon to leave, but alas, I have been at this for days, maybe weeks, or years... I'm not sure. Even though I have this inescapable feeling of futility, something inside tells me to keep going, if only to make the demon's miserable existence harder, and my loved one's easier. So I slave away as the thing try's to stop me. It makes fingers come out of my nostrils. It slaps me around. It does thing which I only consider to be minor annoyances.
I talk to it, "Stop that crap", or "Cut it out, assh*le", as it pokes and prods.
It's familiarity makes the thing not at all intimidating to me, but this dream doesn't seem to be about me anyway. It's the girl, strapped to her gurney, that I am here for. But why? Who does the girl symbolize? I have no significant other in my life at the moment. Why do I care? These questions were irrelevant (at least for now) so I kept going, nonchalantly yanking whole fingers out of orifices, sometimes breaking the bone in frustration, but I never stopped looking at the girl who, even though she couldn't speak, was telling me that she needed my help. Her eyes pleaded while her mouth spouted cheap jabs at me. I spouted back shaking more water at it, "The power of christ compels you...", empty words to me, but when the water hit her, the thing didn't seem to like it, so I kept going, knowing it would be a while.
Finally, I look down at the girl and tell her I'll be back tomorrow as another finger attempts to make it's way out my throat. I just spit that one on the floor. I step on it too out of frustration. I'm ready to leave now, so I get up off the stool that I'd somehow migrated to. I leave the room and take off my sweaty shirt, because after all, this was rigorous exercise too. After leaving the adjoining locker room, I see there's a family looking into the room through a two-way mirror which I was previously unaware of. They all have the same look of sadness that I immediately identify with, and I say a parting, "See ya", as I leave. One of them nods back, and I think I leave (only to be back the next day)...

The rest is a blur. I think I may have woken up here. Or I fell back to sleep. I don't know.
This was a weird dream, I'm not spiritual, I'm a chemistry major who usually dreams of cool new ways to fly or some crap... As I already mentioned, I don't have a girlfriend at the moment. In fact, I recently broke up with one major B.
Also, an exorcism? Really?
Why would I dream something so far out? This is not who I am.
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Yeah, I know your own dreams are waaay more interesting than they are to anybody else, right?