Had Another Funny Dream Last Night

so i had this dream that my boyfriend bought a kitten that looked like a raccoon and we were playing with outside but it was so windy that the kitten kept getting swept up into the air and then falling down (but no injuries because it was a dream of course) and then the kitten got blown all the way down the street and i had to chase it, and when i finally found it the kitten was chilling with this sort of fat middle aged lady that thought i threw it all the way there and i was like "no its really windy outside" and so this lady invited me to her cottage (which was actually my uncles cottage but in the dream it belonged to this lady) and she was giving me this country club membership i forget why. she called up the country club and was talking to this french guy that owned the club about setting me up a table and such. the entire time we were talking the kitten was playing outside but then it fell off the dock into the lake (since this cottage is basically on a giant rock in the middle of the st. lawerence river) we were so afraid this kitten might not have been able to swim but it knew and was able to climb back up on the rock in this other part of the cottage. but i had to go downstairs and get to the kitten because obviously it needs to be on better supervision and stuff. and i found these stairs but on the railings there were these huge wasp hives, and i knew i couldnt go near them but i had already built up too much momentum and i couldnt stop and my hand went right onto a bunch of wasps.

i also sort of remember this other dream that i lived next door to this really creepy family and this little girl kept trying to hang out with me and my friends but we didnt want anything to do with them so she ended up dying somehow and it turns out her mom knew this ritual kind of thing and was able to bring her daughter back to life (think about pet semetary if you know how all those animals were brought back to life). but the thing was her daughter ended up being this killing machine and wanted revenge on me and my friends for not wanting to play with her. so i guess it was pretty much pet semetary! but the funny thing was this dream was actually replayed twice and the first time i was the only one left alive and the second time we were able to run away and hide from her and eventually she became this cool motorcycle zombie punk chick and became happier.

YUP thats it. i wanted to write this all down so i didnt forget.
alannahmurphy alannahmurphy
18-21, F
Feb 4, 2013