My Strang Dreams

I hav such strange dreams, some were usually ramdom and some where weird or scary.
But I hav this gift which I call a 'dream vision', I hav dreams of the future, then in a month or a year it comes true and it has happened more then once.

2 years ago I had a dream the I went outside to go feed my dads dog Stanley, when I opened the gate I saw a little black and white dog, with brown back hind legs, it was a short haired border collie and it looked so beautiful an till this very day I hav that dog, his names 'Akai'.

I would share more but most of them would bore u. If u do want to hear them then just ask
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Do u believe in magic?

Wow! Do you know how to do it?

Promise me you will let me know, if you find a place to learn it!!

And do we ever meet :)

and i had already started imagining some link of past

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Share more of ur dreams plz

Does any of your socks slip halfway off your feet in your shoes when you walk? Lol

i want hear more sounds cool and bad at the same time

THIS HAPPENS TO ME TOO! I once had a dream where I saw like palm trees and stuff, and then I saw palm trees like two weeks later, like in the exact same shape and everything that I saw in my dream. And, another time, I had a dream about school or something, and I imagined my teacher walking us to the library, when we had to stop near the stairwell to let another class pass by, and this happened like two days later. The weird thing is that, you never remember what you dreamt about until you see it again, and you're like whoa....deja vu!

Your not the only one I can dream of the future to it runs in my family and other things to

I wanna hear more.please

You aren't alone. I always **** em up when I recognize a situation. That way, its different. The strangest is when you smell death, then 2 weeks later, death occurs.

i wanna hear :D share with meh dear friend

So do I. You wouldn't bore me. I'd be more than interested. Just message me whenever you feel like.

I've had dreams like this before too ...

Your dreams wouldn't bore me at all, quite the contrary, I'm always interested in precognitive dreams.

Oh my god, I have the same thing, Last year I had a dream about one of my friends its kinda small but a freaky thing, anyway I dreamed that he changed his profile pic and this specific girl commented "Thank you!" and then this year it happened a few months ago it was so weird :

Very awesome I have dreams like that! But its usually like 3-4 weeks before mine happens and I don't always realize I dreamed it or all of it until it happening then I know what will happen next. Its kinda scary to me sometimes. How often do it happen?


Dream Visions? I believe there's another name for those...I just can't remember it right now

Cool! would'nt mind hearing your others, I'm quit interested.

lol sounds like me, I can see things in my dreams, and also when I'm awake..I guess that comes with being psychic.. I don't lie being followed around by ghost though -w- one was standing outside my glass door and scared the **** outta me.. more just come around when i tell them they are not welcome to follow me.. eh i have some weird *** dreams.. but i can also see the past in my dreams.. it depends.