Wake Up Or Sleep On

I hate and love my dreams.

Nightmares,of course I hate them. I've had prophetic dreams,nightmares are what I hate to be among the ones. But they are what I'm glad to wake up from,knowing they are just bad dreams,albeit the thundering heart.

Sweet beautiful dreams,I've gone back to sleep purposely,in hoping to continue the blissful moments. They are the dreams I hated to wake up from,knowing I'll be back to the not-so-perfect world.

I've had all sorts of dreams.

Not too unusual ones,situated in the real everyday world,doing the usual everyday things,nothing special.

Happier ones,meeting people I love or crave to meet,them treating me like how they should in a dream. Or me doing fun and happy things,or at beautiful places. Not a care in the world.

Nightmares. Unfortunate events,pain,hurt. Things and people taken.

Nevertheless,dreams find me without fail every night. I like happy dreams but with lesser pretty dreams when one's stress,I prefer to have a dreamless sleep.
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22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 19, 2013

I dream every night without fail pretty much, sometimes they are nice most times they are not. But as you said they are always entertaining when you wake up albeit confusing.

Dreams are our pathway to our unconscious mind where many things are hidden.