Weird Dream

so a couple of days ago, I had a dream that really freaked me started off pretty normal in the beginning and then I became a character in the series "Once Upon a Time"..I was a boy, even though I am a female, who was being taken away from my mother by an evil queen; however, I liked the evil queen and was happy to be with her, then I went to sleep and on another bed were 2 FACELESS children that had voodoo dolls that were full of blood and holes and they were worn out, etc. Then I saw that one of the voodoo dolls was actually me and my voodoo doll was also worn out and full of blood etc etc
I'm really scared and I have no idea what this dream means..can anyone help me?
AlisonDil AlisonDil
2 Responses Feb 21, 2013

Wow this is serious... someone have been doing your family witchcraft since you where in your mothers womb!!

Alison, faceless children suggest childish people who don't have a real personality, but are carried along by other people's ideas.
The voodoo doll suggests that one of them might have a negative (but not magical) influence on you- she could use persuasion, for example. Being a boy and preferring an evil queen over your own mother might mean the risk of adopting a negative behavior that is the polar opposite of you. I can't view replies from a phone, so feel free to message me if you would like. :)