Last Nights Dream Doesn't Seem So Weird After I Wrote It Down!

I wrote this in the dream section, but I'm putting it here as well!


In my dream I was an adult student somewhere.  One day all the students were given white outfits to wear but we didn't know why.  This was on a Monday.  I was called in to school on a Tuesday which was supposed to be my day off by someone at  school (in my dream this was one of my female coworkers)  I still was wearing the white top but quickly put on a pair of yellow bottoms, I figured it didn't matter because I wasn't going to class.  When I got there everyone was being lined up, as if we were going to have school photos taken.   There were about a dozen of us who weren't wearing all white (including me) who were left for last and had to be hidden in the back row.   But we didn't get our picture taken, we were to climb up this huge zigzagging church staircase all the way to the top, but we didn't know why.   When we got to the top (which seemed MANY stories high) we had to go back down the other side.  The 2 men/boys behind me were like, no big deal - this is stupid & teasing me because I was worried.  I was scared because the stairs going down were barely a foot length wide, and I didn't think I could do it as there wasn't even a hand rail to hold on to!   At the top I just stopped, and waited and let everyone pass me by.  I was scared to go down I just KNEW I would fall.   Everyone else seemed to be able to go down just fine, but not me.   Eventually someone (another male coworker) came up- not by the stairs but he was in the air, like he was on an escalator straight up to me.  He showed off a little by dancing and jumping in the air securely, proving to me that he could help me get down.  I asked for his hand, and used it to steady myself as I began my decent.  I only needed him for a minute or two and then climbed down as if I was on a rock wall, not a staircase.  He told me that was just fine- it didn't matter HOW I got down, so long as I did so safely.   It only took a minute and I felt so silly for not being able to do it on my own, and everyone was cheering for me when I got back to the bottom.  I had a huge feeling of satisfaction and was grateful that my coworker had offered me his hand.


(in reality, both myself and this flying coworker received promotions within a week of each other, me first and both of us with no training after 2 supervisors walked out on their jobs leaving us with no training and totally unprepared and unaware that these promotions were about to fall upon us- we do work hand in hand on a lot of issues at work)

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Haha, I like this story. The part about the flying coworker was funny. Your brain can be so weird some times. Then it's making you feel bad for not being able to fly or something like that.