They're Say The Least

 I've always had the strangest dreams- never anything about tests and falling and flying and teeth or anything like that. Just illogical, jilted, plotless dreams. Sometimes people reoccur in my dreams even if I never think about them, or objects, but I've never had the same dream twice.

Once I had this dream about being stuck inside a school that's walls were aquariums and it was filled with library shelves, and when I finally got out I floated over lava on a raft that was driven by invisible monkeys. And that's one of the tamer ones...

scarletcrayon scarletcrayon
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3 Responses Jan 1, 2007

I had a totally similar dream! I was being chased by a ton of people and I was in a mansion filled with traps and I was leading a small group o rgue something or another's and we were trying to get across the lava ocean to escae something. Plus in a dream you would def know there were nvisible monkeys because they would be coming for you

if they were invisible monkeys, how did you know they even existed

was about to say that hahaha

Well its good to know I'm not alone in having weird dreams, mine never reoccur either. My dreams normally change several tines though, and the different parts have nothing to do with each other. I dream about my school and random people, and my teachers trying to kill me, they laughed.