Vivid and Startling

My dreams are always vivid. And I tend to have nightmares. My dreams got so weird, so vivid, so bad, and occured so often, that I started keeping a dream journal. Pretty much only of nightmares, though, because I rarely have "good" dreams. And, I have sleeping problems, so I often wake up and have several nightmares/dreams in one night. They are quite disturbing and so very realistic, even if impossible. And when you wake up still feeling things from your dream (emotionally and physically) and sometimes with physical marks from your dreams (some you couldn't have made)... it gets weird...
PoeticRejection PoeticRejection
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1 Response Jun 17, 2007

I really dont have any advise for you but i have many things like that! i have very vivid dreams also and i feel so much emotion from them and i wake up crying or laughing or being so mad sometimes! this morning i woke up inlove with a man from my dream and i dont even know who he is but i can feel how much i love him that i have thought about him all day long and i miss him. Also, im not sure if i actually have a sleep disorder or anything but i have problems falling asleep and staying asleep.