(Is this inappropriate? I'll rate it to be safe, because I'm like that, but even I'm under 18. Granted, not that much under... but still...)

The (unusually coherent) dream started out with an event. I was about to leave for something, hurriedly changing out of my house clothes into a dress with white flowers on it. I told my younger sister that I would be back soon, and that she was to go to bed.

I walked out into the darkened streets (was it raining? I can remember light shining off wet pavement...) and found what I was looking for: a door leading to underground rooms - a den or headquarters of some sort. Many of the people there seemed to recognize me; they greeted me, and I returned their goodwill.

Moving quickly, I soon made my way to a man at the back of the room, who was seated with an expression of relaxed alertness.

At this point, the dream offered a piece of dream-background: evidently, I had either wronged or fallen in heavy debt to the equivalent of the King of the criminal underworld. In repayment, I was to serve as a companion to his two sons. Such was the extent of my wrongdoing/debt that my contract covered several years. Though the "princes" were relatively decent people who had treated me well, this sort of occupation was wildly unsuited to my personality, as well as being nowhere near my old ambitions. I had, apparently, come to see the King tonight in order to plead amnesty one more time.

To my surprise, the King did not deny my pleas outright. Instead, he placed the decision in the hands of his sons, who were currently abroad.

So I waited, and dream-time passed in the blink of an eye, and the day of the sons' return came around. This time, I didn't wait for night to fall. I climbed the tall wood-and-bamboo tower that was their second home, and when I reached the platform at the top, I jumped off, careful to avoid any traps.

Unfortunately, I had no skill with sneaking around or avoiding traps. I landed safely, but only because one of the men had disabled the trap in time (and was now laughing at me with easy familiarity). This time, as I greeted the King, the princes were standing beside him. He deferred to his sons; I waited for their decision anxiously.

They smiled, and handed me a letter.

The letter contained their goodbyes and good wishes

I thanked them with the gratitude of one who has been driven to desperation. In an attempt to lighten the mood, I joked that at least a certain woman, Jessica, would no longer turn her misplaced envy and anger on me; at this, they remarked that there was no one quite like me. I grew rather discomfited at this point, due to the nature of my employment, but the princes merely laughed and clarified that they meant as an independent person.

With a final farewell hug, I left. For some reason, it had already grown late. I noticed the darkness around me and looked at my watch.

"Oh, no, I'm late!"

And I ran all the way home.

velleitous velleitous
18-21, F
Jan 4, 2007