Recurring Nightmare

When I was a child, I dreamed this recurring nightmare countless times:

I walked along a rocky path on a sunny day.
All of a sudden the sky would cloud over and someone with a deep voice spoke to me from above.
I couldn't see him but heard his warning: "The leaves are falling!"
A shower of brown leaves fell down upon me and a crocodile appeared, grabbed one of my legs, I felt a strong pain and woke up.

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my recurring nightmare is losing my children, i dont know where they are and the panic rises up in me..... but i usually tell myself im dreaming, im lucky, i can do that - think its called lucid dreaming.

Yes, that's what it's called and I also have lucid dreams. Mostly short before I wake up after I woke up too early and fell asleep again.

I got a chill reading that!! How totally horrifying for a lil kid or even an adult.... hugs you tight....♥

My assumption is that I dreamed it because of my father's verbal abusiveness. I always felt threatened.

Aww that could do it..... :( I had some very scary dreams about my sister as a kid...and older too...

Do you still dream about her? My father visits me in my dreams sometimes. In my nightmares. : (

I had a choppy dream of her chasing me a few days after the cops found her dead but it didn't bother me like it did when she was alive.... I would wake up shaky sometimes and know it had been about her but the details would be gone. Probably just me blocking it all out... I am so sorry that you are still bothered with them...some folks leave a life time mark on us...
((((birdie girl))))) tighter hugs still for my fluffy feathered girl..♥

(((HuggingYouTightly))) you went through a whole lot more with your sis. My father never threatened me physical. I got one spanking because he thought I was naughty.
Actually I've meant it in a nice way to suggest to take a tummy crutch because he complained that he was too fat.
I wasn't in school so might've been 4 or 5 years old.
Today I can laugh about my funny, yet innocent suggestion.

hugs for both girls :(

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