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Recurring Nightmare

When I was a child, I dreamed this recurring nightmare countless times:

I walked along a rocky path on a sunny day.
All of a sudden the sky would cloud over and someone with a deep voice spoke to me from above.
I couldn't see him but heard his warning: "The leaves are falling!"
A shower of brown leaves fell down upon me and a crocodile appeared, grabbed one of my legs, I felt a strong pain and woke up.

RickiChickie RickiChickie 51-55, F 3 Responses Nov 14, 2013

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my recurring nightmare is losing my children, i dont know where they are and the panic rises up in me..... but i usually tell myself im dreaming, im lucky, i can do that - think its called lucid dreaming.

Yes, that's what it's called and I also have lucid dreams. Mostly short before I wake up after I woke up too early and fell asleep again.

My goodness, so I am not the only one to dream of crocodiles.

I hoped for responses of people with recurring dreams.

I have recurring dreams all the time. I move house at least once a month, more if stressed about things. I lose my car in a car park at least once a month, I save children from drowning probably twice a month. I cannot dial a telephone number many times a month if stressed and I will be attacked probably once a month too. I used to dream of my teeth crumbling but that has stopped just lately. That one usually occurs when I'm worrying about money.

But do you have dreams that are exactely the same every time?
I have this teeth dream too but I actually had a lot of trouble with some of my teeth this year. In one of those dreams I lost all my teeth. They were loose, fell of my mouth and I caught them with both hands. I was very sad In that dream.
I have recurring themes but had only this one recurring dream.

The crumbling of the teeth dreams are virtually identical. In the dream I am actually saying to myself, this is just a dream, then realise it isn't. The moving house recurring one is of the same house, revisiting it, seeing how the next owners have changed it, I purchase it again. The same each time. Many years ago it used to be a tsunami dream that I would have over and over again. The same high building that I would be up in and watching the wave coming at me and the water on the outside getting higher and higher. Exactly the same dream each time.

Horrible to realise that you exactley know what happens next whilst dreaming, isn't it?

Yes it is. I have learned to recognise some of the dreams though. I know the teeth one always comes when my hubby hasn't got any work on the horizon. i work with children during the day, some that have unhappy lives. I think that this is where the rescuing bit kicks in. I am not a good swimmer and yet this is the way I save them...bizarre. I really can't explain the crocodiles just lately, perhaps triggered by something on t.v . The worst dreams are the bad dreams that I often experience. I won't go in to detail here but let's just say, on the point of death, I wake up. ....either with a shout (scaring hubby) or with a big breath.

I'm always able to wake up and then I'm sitting on the loo for at least an hour and don't dare to go back to bed.

This Tsunami dream; I think it's to reassure you that you can face your weak point and have to fear nothing.

When I used to have that dream, late teens and early twenties, I didn't even know it was called a Tsunami.

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I got a chill reading that!! How totally horrifying for a lil kid or even an adult.... hugs you tight....♥

My assumption is that I dreamed it because of my father's verbal abusiveness. I always felt threatened.

Aww that could do it..... :( I had some very scary dreams about my sister as a kid...and older too...

Do you still dream about her? My father visits me in my dreams sometimes. In my nightmares. : (

I had a choppy dream of her chasing me a few days after the cops found her dead but it didn't bother me like it did when she was alive.... I would wake up shaky sometimes and know it had been about her but the details would be gone. Probably just me blocking it all out... I am so sorry that you are still bothered with them...some folks leave a life time mark on us...
((((birdie girl))))) tighter hugs still for my fluffy feathered girl..♥

(((HuggingYouTightly))) you went through a whole lot more with your sis. My father never threatened me physical. I got one spanking because he thought I was naughty.
Actually I've meant it in a nice way to suggest to take a tummy crutch because he complained that he was too fat.
I wasn't in school so might've been 4 or 5 years old.
Today I can laugh about my funny, yet innocent suggestion.

hugs for both girls :(

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