My Weird Dreams Have Demons

Sometimes it's hard to know if a dream is really a dream or is it real.  One time I dreamed my best friend had died.  I woke up crying believing it was true. 

There are different things that happen during our dreams that are real.  Everyone goes to level (like a clairvoyant) and experience astro-projection.  People do it all the time and not know of it the next day.  Did you ever have a dream where you were with someone and it felt so real, or you saw a loved one who passed and you would do anything to see them again?  It was real. 

There is so much more about dreams than just this, but I'm not a professional of any kind.  I've had some teachings and practice on certain things and this is one of them (Astro-projection). The professional who taught was known nationwide and mentioned in books.

I have some life experiences that would explain my "weird dreams".  And when I have them, it happens for a few nights at a time.  Over the years I would say it's happened maybe 12 different times.  Even in my fifties I'm scared to go to bed when it starts.  This is not a joke. It's really more like torture.  (Taking deep breath.)  I'll do my best to describe what the experience is like.

I'm no where, I'm just in the dark, like laying on my back in mid-air.  The dark becomes gray and I feel them, maybe 6 or more, pulling on each limb in different directions.  Pulling me back and forth. The others would be poking at me just hard enough to completely bother me, and try to grab me.  They look weird.  Nothing much to see. Their like a long fat snake but no shape for its head, with 2 eyes and that's it.  Their color is a darker gray than the air.  I don't know how long this continues to go on, but it feels like forever.  These are demons and I know they are real.

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In my view these demons may be the attitudes of people in your life who want you to do what they want rather than what you want. That's why they have no actual human shape. They're just opinions and "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" yet in my view perhaps in some way you conform to these rules that have come through parents and teachers and the whole culture around you. When enough people think the same way, these thoughts can take on energy, that's why they feel so real. In my view, you may feel at their mercy. Yet they are not real. They're things you've heard over and over and been told you should be or do, but they don't fit your real life. Yet you don't feel you can just ignore them. So your dream makes a statement about your being bothered and grabbed by values and rules and restrictions that have been imposed on you. They seem negative because they're holding you back, they're literally pulling you apart because they contradict each other. If you agreed with them they would seem like angels but you don't agree with them, so the scene is one of conflict. Only you know what they represent. The good thing is that there are not many of them. But it can be hard to release something you've obeyed all your life, even if it's not working in your life now. All of this is my opinion, how it seems to me.

I've had similar dreams and the best thing to do is say the Lords prayer. You can sleep with a bible and a cross, arm yourself with God. Demons can't touch anything of his, so offer yourself to God before bed through prayer. God Bless and good luck, I will say a prayer for you. SD

I am a christian. I don't think what you saw was a nightmare. I have two brothers that experience the same thing. One is a christian, he hears strange things, and sees something like shadows. The other isn't a christian, or at least doesn't live like it. He's been getting into some trouble. He sees inhuman figures flying around his room, trying to grab him, he keeps trying to get away. These experiences are called out of body experiences by some. From my view, it's your soul temporarily leaving your body. Meaning you're in the spiritual realm. As far as I can tell, praying for protection from demons works. I don't know if you're a christian, but I think these demons are trying to take you to their side, since you have been exposed to spiritual things. This thing that happens doesn't have to be something to fear. I see these types of things as gifts from God. But you'd have to pray to God to figure out what for. He's waiting, just call on him before you sleep, and I'm certain He'll defend you, and help you understand these experiences. I wish I knew what it is like. Hope this helped a little at least. I can try tell you more if you would like.

Good greif! Must've been a horrible dream! No offense intended...but I think it might not be healthy for somebody of your age to be having awful dreams like that, could give heart attacks! Trust me it's possible for somebody to have a heart attack because of a nightmare. I migh be young, but I'm uhh knowingful! (if that's a word....?)

WarriorMom,<br />
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When you open yourself up to experiences like astral projection, you are tapping into the spirit realm and inviting these demonic forces to try to control you. But if you renounce (confess with your mouth and turn away from) this practice, and ask Jesus to cleanse you with His blood, then the demons have to leave. They cannot have authority in your life unless you let them. Jesus crushed the heel of the snake, and we can, too. <br />
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I don't know much about you, being very new to this site. But I encourage you to be a strong and of good courage. I pray you have peaceful rest, and that God protects you. Read Psalm 91 or Psalm 32.

Possibly sleep with your wife when you go to bed?<br />
Should work.

Possibly sleep with your wife when you go to bed?<br />
Should work.

If you have had some involvement in the occult you will need deliverence , and healing to close the doorways they are using to get at you. Pray that the Lord will lead you to the right people to walk you thru this. It's not something the average person can do alone. Yes, know your Bible ...cause that is your sword . But also you can read some of the really good books that are out there on the topic of deliverance. I've been going thru deliverence for a few years now. I've had to fight alot of battles in my sleep. How I fight all depends on who and what I'm dealing with. Alot of spirits will flee if you just simply start to sing the praises of Y'shua ( Jesus ) from your heart. Some friends I know play worship music in their house when they go to sleep. Scripture says that there is the power of life and death in the tounge. If you belong to Y'shua your word has power. Go to scripture and highlight every verse having to do with spiritual warefare. Memorize as much of it as you can, as you speak these against them.

Pray everynight before you go to sleep <br />
I release the rod of God to swallow up every serpent that would come against me in the name of Jesus! <br />
But really beleive! I think you are being tormented by a spirit of fear and you must seek Jesus because he is the way! Give yourself to the lord Jesus Christ and repent of your sins and plead for the blood of Jesus over your whole body spotless!!!!Get a bible and read 2 Corinthians 11:3

If you know that these things in your dreams are demons they are symbols for creators of negativity. They represent negative thoughts you have like fears, desires, and anything else negative.<br />
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You need to stand up to your negativity in life and these dreams never return.

Lost, thanks for asking. & I know that to be true. I wish it was something as simple as that. Because of being pulled into an occult when I was younger, I know these demons are real.

I hope you do share. It helps alot. I also like your writings.

I've had some past experiences that I guess never go away. Thanks for asking.