I Dream My Father Is Having Sex With Me.

I'm new to this I never told any one about this before. In my daydreams it not actuallly my father because I don't know who my father is. In the dream there is this girl and she is always no more then 13-16 yrs old. The man who is her father never hurts her he just kinda coherts her into these acts. She goes along with due to its her father and she trusts him. He takes his time therfore causing her to want it despite it being her father . She who I think is me but with a different name allows her father to explore her in evry sexual way. They perform oral sex as well as make love. I don't know what's wrong. These dreams happen to me frequently and leads to me becoming aroused. I have aa boyfriend he arose me to some point but when he penetrates that's it there is no feeling there at all. Only when I dream of this gurl who is me in my teenage years and this man I don't know but identify him as my dad then I will become overly arosed and **********.
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lovet it! :)

Khako, you need help. Get counseling or something. What you did is not good and not normal.

khako that is hanging as ****...

Wow thats is sick, Khako. Why would you want to have sex with your dad for real? Those kind of dreams dont usually mean you really want too but i guess for you, you did. I had 3 dreams about havin sex with my dad and i was very disturbed after i had sex with him in my dreams. I felt disgusted and regretful, ashamed and never once in reality, did i or would i ever want to have sex with my dad. I dont even like my dad. He is a great father tho but he is just a very annoying person and i dont enjoy his company that much but he has always been there for me, took care of me, never abused me, looks out for me. Lately tho we have gotten mad at each other and weouldnt talk for a while and we made up just a week ago and i had this dream again last night. eww! so im thinking its bc i would like to have a man like him who is good to me cause i cant seem to find nothing but bad guys and also bc i would like for us to get along better and for me to stop gettin so annoyed by every little thing he does. i love him but i dont like him at times but he is a true father to me.

The father is just a symbol for your conscience or your ability to choose between right and wrong. Sex in a dream is just a symbol for co-creation of your life experiences. So if you have sex with your father it's just telling you that your life is beginning to create experiences where you face your fears, your desires, and all your negativity. <br />
<br />
Basically, it's saying you are making your life as you want it. So if you are afraid of things you will experience fears. If you desire people, you will become more desirous. If you are negative you will experience your negativity.<br />
<br />
So be positive in your life so you can experience your positivity.

It is totally okay... um, i just joined this.. thing. and I feel really weird.. but last night i had a sex dream of my dad too... and i was like gahhh... what.. but i was aroused and i feel ashamed about it... :(. BUT i know and understand how you feel and your not alone. trust.

ok there is a fine line between dreaming about sex with your Dad and HAVING sex with your Dad.<br />
<br />
I myself have dreamt about having sex with my Dad, it was soooo disturbing when I woke up.<br />
I asked about it on another site and I'm about to tell you what they told me.<br />
<br />
It was just a dream, and dreams are your thoughts but your thoughts have weird ways of showing themselves when you are asleep.<br />
<br />
It could mean, you want to have a better realtionship with your Dad, it could mean that you actualy do want sex with your Dad, but if you don't like the dream you ahd theres more chance of it being because you want to have a better relationship with your Dad and so on

I also dream about having sex with my father. I dream about it happening at leat once a day. In my fantasy, I am only 14 years old and he teaches me to have sex throughout my teenage years. I also dream about having sex with him as an adult. Lately, I have been consumed with these thoughts, and it's the only way I can ******.

khako:<br />
<br />
YOU ARE ******* DISGUSTING!!!!<br />

This is just a fantasy. And I think a lot more women have it than they will admit. :) Don't worry about it too much - it's just a dream and you can't control your dreams.