My Dreams

My most recent dream... We were on a road trip down to California. Much like what happened in one of my other stories I told here. Anyway, we stopped at a gas-station... it was something else too, I believe. It was in a small town... I think we spent the night there. There was a summer camp of... ninjas. Or ninja-ish guys. They were running through the little store... And I was watching people buy alcoholic juice-drinks. The next morning I got left behind by my family... I stole a bunch of alcohol then. And then they came back and we left. --edit-- I see there is a dream section... Where am I to put my dreams? I'm so lost.
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16-17, M
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Did you drink the alcohol?


What was the name of that ninja movie again? Weird dreams, oh yeah, I understand, I wish I knew what all my dreams meant too....

I have had a similar dream to this, can I ask where the 'ninja's' chasing you in any way? <br />
I had this dream several years ago where I was been chased by 'Nazi-children', I thought i found solice in a house, however they where making there way in though the bottom off a cupboard! I found myself outside then running in a panic away from these 'nazi-children' and eventually found solice in a pub, where i drank a beer and mingled with the locals.<br />
<br />
Dreams are strange and magical. You can't help loving them, even when they are mildly frightening.

I think you seek adventure and wanted long drive by..take a long adventures trip..

yea beacuse alchohol will help u live....Lol!

lol steel the alcohol!