A White Peacock

In my dream I am at my old house, I walk into the room off of the kitchen in I see these writings on the floor. I step closer to see and some of the words look written with blood and others looke written with charcol or burn wood. I don't understand what the words mean, it makes no since and I look up and see a white peacock across from me. It was so beautiful but then I see red splashes on its feathers - it looks like blood, I go to see if it is hurt and then my room mate's dog come from no where gets infront of the peacock and starts growling at me. I can't understand why the dog is growling at me, in real life this dog loved me and never growled at me. But she was really growling here, I try to move past her and she steps in front of me and starts snapping at me. I leave and my roomate is washing dishes in the kitchen and I tell her about the white peacock in the other room and about how her dog is acting. She tells me the white bird is God, that is why the dog won't let me near it. I laugh - and say 'God is a bird?" She tells me God can take any form he wants and today he wanted to be a bird. So I go back to the room to take another look and the dog runs up to the door - like "you better not even think about coming in here" . and growls really nasty at me like she was saying 'get the hell out of here' - and then Im like forget this and I wake up. 

SukYoung SukYoung
26-30, F
Feb 9, 2009