Weirdness Abounds

I have been under the weather the past week. Fighting off God knows what infection. But what have really been weird are my dreams.  They are not particularly vivid, memorable or even prophetic, but they are full of strangers whom I seem to know quite well.  They are almost instantaneous. As soon as I close my eyes I sense the dream and its participants. Recurring characters in my nocturnal theatre, who do not resemble anyone I know in real life, are apparently intimate friends of mine while I am sleeping. The really weird part is I that I can’t be with them. I can only observe them. And I have emotions for them as they go about doing whatever they are doing.  I wonder if in my febrile mind, I am seeing into an alternate reality or perhaps having an astral projection.  Maybe I am simply weird, or drifting off into schizophrenia. Either way I look forward to closing my eyes and seeing these wonderful strangers.

Smokeseek Smokeseek
36-40, M
5 Responses Feb 13, 2009

May sound weird but I think you are AT visiting the other side …these ppl are your loved ones from a previous life, you know them yet you don’t. I’ve had this kind of dream before. It could be happening because you’re not feeling so well. Something about them you recognize and yet they look like no one you know in this life .Something about them is comforting right? Any way that’s what I think about it

It does sound like EP... It also sounds very comforting... enjoy your dreams and hope you are feeling better soon

interesting, how are these dreams? Are they in color, can you hear them?

Similar yes, but the dreams are much different than "EP" I "know" my EP friends, not the dream pla<x>yers. I still like them, they seem pretty cool :)

Sounds kinda like EP. Intimate strangers. You know them but you can't touch them. You can observe as they go about their business and you can feel what they feel.