Creepy Ones

Dream # 1 There was this boy who was locked in a room with this animal thing and he was told by a man-eating plant (haha random but true) that he could only eat footballs and he wasn't supposed to eat the food lying around the room. So the guy gets tired of eating footballs and he eats some of the food. Then the man-eating plant lets him out of the room, but when the kid (I think his name was George haha I don't know) is walking around he sees these weird things. Whenever he looks in a mirror, something crawls out of it and says "The mirrors all turn black." Then the thing attacks him, but its not really there. Its a hallucination. And wherever he goes, he sees the plant beside him screaming "I told you only to eat the footballs!" over and over again. I half lost my mind!!!


I was in the hallway next to the band room and bathroom at lunch and was sitting with a couple friends. To my left was my best friend Olivia, and the rest of the band kids were all sitting in this hallway, either on the same side as me or on the wall across from me. We were just sitting there, talking on a very cloudy day. Then, a girl starts running towards all of us, shouting, " Everyone stand up and put your hands up!!" She repeated this a couple times before we saw the gun in her hands and scrambled to our feet. I pressed myself and Olivia against the wall and I was holding her arm tightly. The girl with the gun told us all to close our eyes. So we did, and Olivia started praying, whispering to God that she did not want to die. I too began to pray, even though I didn't think it would help anything. I felt the feeling of dread rise up inside me as the girl told us to open our eyes. She forced us to watch our friends be shot, one by one. I saw my friends fall to the ground, and wished that they would get up. I soon realized that it was only me and three other people left, out of about one hundred and twenty. I was lucky to have my only friend left right beside me, but I couldn't stand to look upon the faces of my deceased friends. I had seen some of their heads spin all the way around, heard some cry out their last breaths. Then it was over. We were left overs, and I silently wished to myself that she had shot me too. I heard the gunshots again, repeating in my head. Not that they were really there, but they were imprinted in my mind.....

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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

So, all-in-all, you're night could've been more pleasant? lol, try not to let these dreams upset you. <br />
They're just dreams.