Vampires Taking Over the World...?

This was one of the most vivid, adrenaline filled dreams I've ever had. Actually, it was more of a dream/nightmare to be more accurate. But strangely, I still like some nightmares in a way because they're exciting lol.

It started off with some random people visiting the house to see if they wanted to buy it. I can't remember how, but my parents got turned into vampires and looked nothing like in real life. It was like some kind of horror movie: all the visitors were trying to escape from them, screaming and running into rooms (the front door was locked) but they got turned into vampires too. One of them was a woman with a huge afro and she bashed into the room I was hiding in with my younger brother. Everything was going so fast and in the chase, my brother went somewhere else and probably got turned too .

Eventually, I managed to lock myself into my parents room, which was empty. My plan was this: I would put on loads of socks to make up for having no shoes and wear a couple of jumpers and my mum's long coat (it was cold outside) and jump out of the window, into my garden to escape the house. So that's what I did.

My dad (who was the Vampire King in my dream) saw me when I jumped into the garden because they were all sitting in the sitting room, watching the news on tv about vampires killing everybody and there are glass doors leading to the garden from there. So I run out of the back door down my road and it seems as though I'm as fast as Superman in my dream because all the roads keep zooming by. All the while, I'm aware of my dad flying at superspeed somewhere overhead, about to catch and kill me.

I see this huge building that looks like a huge roman building at the top of a hill and somehow know that I'll probably be safe there. But as I get closer, I see that it's a dead end and that my dad will find me and kill me. At this point, I wake up really scared.

This is where it gets really interesting. As soon as I wake up, I still sorta feel like it's REAL, so I creep out of my room, peering around the corners to make sure. I carefully step out into the landing and see my mum:


her: tut! What's the matter with you?

me: Mum! I thought you were a vampire...

 It was wierd

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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

It was. I've never had a fear that was prolonged so long after I've woken up from the nightmare though. I felt like I was still in it and I was still on edge. What did you do?