About Cereal

I had this dream, recoccuring in fact, when I was about 15. Like some people I have my obsessions, and one of them is I love cereal. Anywho, I kept having this dream, where I woke up, went downstairs hungry. Looking around I saw milk, so I'm like "hey, how bout cereal". So I went to get a box, but heres where it got werid if not nightmareish. Everywhere I looked, nothing but milk!!! Milk on the counter, milk under the sink, on top of the fridge, in the fridge, in the cupboards, everywhere. I WAS SOOOO HUNGRY, and I could not find anything but milk.

I had that dream for 3 days straight, no idea why, maybe I was craving in my sleep. I only remember it in detail because of how much I agonized over why I was so werid for it. Since then my dreams just keep getting odder and odder.

syk2340 syk2340
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2009