In a Mans Body Being ......

I had this dream real odd. I was a man, naked, woke up horny and heard someone in the bathroom. ( I was in my home but I wasn't me, I mean my apartment but not my body) Anywho, I went into the bathroom, and there was some (hot) woman doing her buisness, well I was horny, she was half naked so I guess in my male perverted state I decided I was getting some. Cause no sooner had she wiped then I jumped on her, turned her around and ****ed her in the *** over the toilet, even though no one had the chance to flush it yet.

I only woke up from this dream once I was finished. Oddly, I remember the sensation of going inside her and ****ing her. And it makes me horny, but the memory of everything, makes me nasueas. Does this dream make me a subconsious pervert I wonder?

syk2340 syk2340
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2009