Utopia Man

Ok, i have weird dreams all of the time and last night was one i just cant get out of my head! I have thought about it non-stop today! lemme explain it and see if anybody can help tell me what it means?!?! dont remember it all not but.......i was in this place and i lived there and it was called Utopia....and i was in a house and looked outside and saw the most beautiful sunset i had ever seen in my life and there was this amazing guy in the house with me and he was perfect! he was around the age of men i like, he had beautiful hair, he was a professor, and i remember everything he was wearing even the color of his shirt, jeans and shoes,  well he gave me this camera to take pictures of the sunset with and it was a NIkon D70!! and so i was taking pictures and then i saw these little fireballs flying through the city and i looked where they were coming from and there was a plastic bubble that surrounded the city (utopia) and somebody was throwing fireballs and they were breaking through the bubble....so i went and found that amazing  guy and told him about it and he said that he knew it would happen one day and we had to leave right then so we get inside the coffee table which was also the car and start driving down the road and it is complete chaos and everybody is trying to leave at the same time. (this utopia place was  on another planet or something because it was nothing like earth) so we are in the glass coffee table car thing and its raining and fireballs are still being thrown everywhere and the glass starts breaking....WELL then he is going to drop me off at dads house and dads house was in a space thing like on ZENON (the movie on disney channel) and i was walking through dark hallways on the space thing and couldnt find anybody and so my dream guy  is on the phone with me the whole time on and off and i told him i was going back to Utopia......so i get back to Utopia and it is completely gone, the whole city was gone and there was sand everywhere except for there was one building that was completely gutted....i was in side the building talking to the guy on the phone still and i wanted him to come back and live with me in utopis but he couldnt and i was stuck in utopia and i was crying because it was gone and i was soooo upset and i was the only one there . all through the dream i felt how much i was inlove with this man and when i woke up i was so upset and i wanted this mystery man so bad that i felt like i was broken hearted like i had been with him and we broke up! i have not just broken up with someone so i know thats not what my dream was about.  Anybody have any suggestions?  i have thought about this man all day and i love him and i dont even know who he is!!! is that weird???



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I laughed much when you said you were driving down the road on a coffee table

I have had dreams like that, where he just seems so perfect and everythings ok, even in a detached manner. Ive woken up feeling bummed that it was just a dream, and makes me wish I could fall back asleep again and into the lovliness. Ive had many that involved love , that affected me into remembering them. I know that little missing there. :)<br />
Good way to tell the dream, too, just getting right in there with every detail. Helps to remember them...

That is a fantastic dream!!! And dreams are very powerful and full of pure emotion, so it's hardly surprising you were thinking of him all day!<br />
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I am not one to attribute more than the obvious to dreams - that is to say the obviously you place a high importance on love, and that there are characteristics of a partner that you are looking for that are illustrated in your dreams. I think the destruction of Utopia is possibly your mind's ex<x>pression of your fear of disappointment, but sometimes I think the mind just throws up stuff for narrative purposes too!