3AM Lament

All week I have been lamenting the loss of a memory.  I woke from a dream, and immediately knew I had stumbled upon some ingenious material for a story.  Even before I woke, I was thinking to myself "I must record this" ...

I wish I had written it down as I knew I should have done.  The inspiration is lost, now.  I can't remember any of the dream, I can't even remember the jist of it.  It was such a unique plot-line, and it was the perfect subject for me.  Its not very often I can think of material for a full-length story, so forgetting my dream was a huge bummer.  I've been kicking myself, and will continue to do so.  Every time I wake with a dream fresh in my mind I think "Oh I'll def remember that, I don't have to write it down" 
Next time I will force myself to write it down!


Cade Cade
Feb 17, 2009