I Dreamed Mushrooms Were Growing In My Hair

i had this really weird dream that mushrooms were growing in my hair. I could even feel them coming out of my head, it was like they had roots attached to my head. they were being slightly hidden by my hair. it felt so real. i felt so disgusting in the dream and when i woke up i was afraid to touch my head. my hair gets itchy when i even think about it now. does anyone know what this dream might have meant? i think I've had it before as well.

pauljack pauljack
6 Responses Feb 20, 2009

OMG- I had a dream that my contact turned into a mushroom, fell in the toilet of a nightclub and I grabbed it out of the toilet and ate it! I dreamed this dream in the early 80's!!!

I had a dream very similar. It was only one big green mushroom growing near the center of my head. I went in the shower and the mushroom was falling apart.
I woke up really scared. It was one of the realist dreams I've ever had.

I just had the same dream last night that I was looking in a mirror and all these little mushrooms were growing from my scalp under my hair. I was scared to pull them out but once I pulled them out it didn't hurt and they stopped coming back...wtf does that mean??!

I just had the same one but I don't know the meaning. :)

Well i had the same dream today .. How Bizare !!

omg i swear i had that same dream! i woke up so scared and cried almost.<br />
ive been online trying to figure out what it means. i mean i do work at a hair salon but still that was too weird.