Bizarre Dreams

 I've had several dreams that were absolutely bizarre. The wierdest one ever was a dream that I can only think about with feelings and stuff. I had it al least 10 times between age 10 and 14. When I try to describe it with words my memory just sort of falters... It's the feeling that you get when you can ALMOST remember someone's name, but not quite.

Here's what it was like... Sort of... I could control the dream, but never realized that it was a dream. Just accepted it as it came. I didn't have a body. I was just a conciousness. I was in a place that was mostly featureless. It was flat. And brown. With strange things moving from place to place. They weren't rolling. Or walking... Just moving. I think they might have been round. I somehow knew that there were very specific rules in this place. I knew that very bad things would happen if these rules were broken. These... things... should never be in the same space at the same time. They could move from one point to another instantaneously, but at the same time, while they moved from one place to another they were in every point inbetween. They tended to go to another spot, then jump back again... I'd try to keep them from ever being in the same spot as another thing simultaneously. That's the best description I can give. Strange dream...

Another bizarre dream happened when I was about 14. I was having some normal, garden variety nightmare, when suddenly I woke up. But I didn't really wake up. I thought that the creature from my nightmare had stolen my blanket. For some reason that was a horrible, terrible thing. It had to be concealed from everyone. If anyone knew, bad things would happen. I had to find my blanket. I started walking around my house (really walking, not dreaming stuff. I moved things, and they were moved when I actually woke up.) I searched the entire house, being quiet as a mouse so as to keep the secret from my family. I searched outside. (It was late autumn and getting to be chilly.) 

From that point on my memory of the dream gets foggy. At some point I snapped out of it and started laughing at my stupidity. After my brain woke up I went to my bed and found my blanket stuffed in a tight little ball between the bed and the wall.


Anyone have a stranger dream than those?

phasma phasma
18-21, M
Feb 22, 2009