Just woke up from a nightmare. Sigh.

The first dream I was at school. I was in a class where after we finished our project each day, we were required to sleep with our partner on it. I HATED this and tried to always end up without a partner as a result. Instead today this giant, kinda tubby boy comes over and chooses me. So I spent the whole class stalling and at the end finished the project just as the bell rang, so there was no time to sleep with him. The whole time during class he'd like wrap his arms around me and do all this other stuff and ugh.

Second dream I guess I was in summer session at school again? Except instead of being with my roommate I was with one of my friends from hs who I had a falling out with. We ran around doing stuff and having fun. Then we came to an intersection with a toll booth. One man drove through and didn't pay his toll, but a police car was right in front of him. They brutally ripped him out of the car and threw him on the ground. They did all this painful, scary stuff to him and he peed himself. They took the toll money off him (it was only like 1 dollar) and then sent him away as they laughed. It was awful to see. The poor guy was a wreck.

Then suddenly he snapped and went crazy and told people he was going to kill himself by throwing himself into the oven (because we were suddenly in a kitchen in a house). He said he needed a partner to roast with him and chose my friend. (I had run away and was listening from the other room). My friend argued with him and said they couldn't be partners for all these reasons and it made him grumpy. He ran into the room I was in and asked if I liked this random string of letters, confused, and having not really heard their conversation I said no. Apparently he didn't like them either but my friend did? Then the man declared that I would be his death partner and I was like HOW DO I ALWAYS GET MYSELF INTO THESE MESSES as I grabbed something off the ground to defend myself with. Then I woke up freaked out. Yep.
Hush92 Hush92
22-25, F
Aug 16, 2014