I had a dream last night I was in a Spider Man suit and I went into this restaurant and this guy was in a Venom suit and we were all pissed at each other but there were some people after Venom so we snuck into this middle room and closed the door and stayed the night there and then we woke up and I cleaned up like we were never there and we undressed and made out and touched each other and then I put on the venom suit so the people would come after me instead (keep in mind this guy is pretty buff and he's like 6ft something. I'm tiny and barely 5'3"). Well anyways I put on his boxers under the suit so I could play the role better (that's what was going through my mind) so he had to wear my underwear and then we left and I woke up.
kittenasylum kittenasylum
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2014